summerblast.jpgWHEN: July 21st, 2012.

START TIME: Noon (but come whenever you wish).

ENDING TIME: Sundown. At least that’s the time the park closes.

WHAT TO BRING: All your food and beverage needs, including plates/forks, etc. There is a huge pavilion with a ton of picnic tables which easily accommodate up to 200 seated people, so no need to bring tables (but if you have an extra chair or two – it might be a good idea). There is a huge barbecue there – however, if you have a portable barbecue and don’t mind bringing it – it would be appreciated, and we will have the charcoal for you.

LOCATION/DIRECTIONS: Mapquest Plymouth-Riverside Recreation Area, Plymouth, MI 48170. For those without GPS technology, this is an easy-to-find spot, as long as you do the following: Take I-275 to Ann Arbor Road (West), to Haggerty Road (go North, or make a right-hand turn. Go approximately 1 mile (heading North on Haggerty), to Edward Hines Drive (and turn West, or make a left-hand turn), go approximately one mile and look for the big “Plymouth Recreation Area” sign, which, is on the right-hand (North) side of Hines Drive. The street, Riverside, also dumps into Hines right across the street from where we will be rocking and rolling (literally). There’s also a “Summer Blast” banner that can be seen from the road. Depending on the time of day you arrive – your best marker will be the hundreds of cars parked on Hines.
summerblastmap1.gifOTHER STUFF: The location is huge, with real nice bathroom facilities, and playscape for kids. There is a beautiful walking trail, and everything is shaded by either trees or the pavilion, in other words it’s a perfect location to bring your family and friends for a nice outdoor party.

EVENTS: We will have horseshoes (a tournament) and a water balloon toss for whomever wishes to participate, a balloon race and other contests for the kids. And a raffle. Proceeds to cover event costs with all profits going to a worthy cause. The 2011 recipient: MI-COPS, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the survivors of Michigan Law Enforcement Officers. (We are looking for a 2012 recipient!).  We are also always looking for items to raffle off – so if you have anything you wish to donate, it will be gratefully received and put to good use the day of the event.

WHO’S INVITED: Everyone!! This is a special day for…everyone! But the majority of attendees are dominated by those that attended Henry Ford High especially the ‘65 -’80 graduating classes, but we do get attendees from as far back as ’60 and out to’80+), as well as people that attended: Redford, Taft, McKinney, Larned, Burgess, St. Eugenes, St. Agatha, Redford Union, Riverview, Riverside, Thurston, Bishop Borgess, Rochester Adams, Livonia Stevenson/Bentley, Plymouth-Canton/Salem, Rogers, Clarenceville, Farmington, Boca Raton High School, Howell. Note: this is a party for you and virtually anyone you would like to have come with you and make the day better for you (such as, your neighbors, people from your bowling league, co-workers, in-laws, outlaws, etc.). Think you might be too young or too old? Please note that we have adults ranging from 21 – 80+, and children of all ages.

summerblastmap2.gif IF IT RAINS. Come anyway. Remember, there is a huge pavilion there, so even if there is a downpour that day – you will be nice and dry, plus, many People come a long way (long way, as in from Florida, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Washington, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio), so it’s nice for them to see faces that they haven’t seen for a decade or three! Of course, recognizing those faces is another matter entirely…

MUSICIANS UNITE! Every year, we have been blessed by talented folks who are willing to share their gifts with the rest of us. So if you play an instrument and wish to grace our ears and eyes with your talent – please plan on playing anytime after 5pm, when we’ll make it an Open Mike situation. Speaking of microphones, we’ll have mics and a p.a. system. Bass players need to supply their own amplification. Sorry drummers – it’s a city ordinance – no drums, electric or otherwise. That said – the live music is my personal favorite aspect of the Blast – so stick around for the fun.

BLAST HISTORY. There are 10 photo albums (representing each of the past 10 Blasts) at Kit McGuigan’s facebook page. To view: take this link:

Be sure to tell any interested parties to send an email to so that they too can be added to the general email list (with over 500 addresses!!). Now get out there and start spreading the news about next year’s Summer Blast…be there, or be square…July 21st!!!!

Phone 1-877-538-8645

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