Congratulations to all who participated in the photo mystery contest.  The top 3 winners, Ted Panaretos, John Oates and Mike Kirila will receive a brand new Galaxy CD.   We still have a lot of people who need to be identified so don’t be surprised if something like this comes up again

The final results are:
Ted Panaretos with 13 correct.
John Oates with 6
Mike Kirila with 4.
Kathy Bernardi with 2 and many tied at 1.

Ted Panaretos

Ted Panaretos 63
John Oates

John Oates 65
Mike Kirila

Mike Kirila 64

The following are the correct guesses as determined by the judges.

P-9, P-10, P-13, P-14, P-15–Mary Leaf from Jun 65 guessed by John Oates.

P-16–Sandra Moss from Jun65–John Oates again.

M-3–Audrey Thornton Jun65–John Oates. Sharon McClain knows how to contact her.

P-28 is Joyce Blair Jun66 according to Diana O’Dell also Jun66.

M-5 is Carol Johnson Jun65 thanks to Ted Panaretos Jun63.

M-9 Two Majorettes Kathy Bernardi and Carol Johnson both Jun64 Also from Ted.

P-24 is Sue Brown of Jun 64 thanks to Ted Panaretos.

M-6, M-7 and M-8 is Barbara Budzynski from Jan 64 by John Oates.

S-1 Female is Penny Bennet 62′ Jim Wanless 62′ and Charles Breedlove Science Teacher By Ted Panaretos.

F-1, John Oles, Teacher Indentified by Ted Panaretos.

M-4 is Linda Miller Jan 64 per Ted Panaretos who says he can’t forget the flaming red hair. Kind of hard to tell flaming red hair in a B&W picture but we still agree.

P-2 & 3, Yvonne Dupuis Jun65, John Oates with the ID on this one.

C-2: This photo it turns out was in the 65 yearbook with all 4 ladies identified. L-R Paula Kuzmich Jun 64, Janine Traskos Jun 64, Joan Lenhard Jun66 and Beverly Kent. Verne Kirby identified Janine and Mike Kirila the rest after he looked in his yearbook. We don’t have a grad year for Beverly Kent.

P-18 and P-19 is also Paula Kuzmich per Ted.

F-2 Pete Bullach Jun 65 is #12 submitted by Ted Panaretos. #43 is Doug Lawrence Jun 65and 72 is Dan Rowe Jan 65. Doug was guessed by Mike Kirila and Dan is from Ted. All 3 players from Class of 65. We have found out that Dan Rowe passed away in 2003 and we lost Doug this past May.

S-3 has been solved and we’ve not only heard from one of them, She has registered and posted. Welcome to Kathie Stringer Sigler. The girl on left is indeed Georgia Hovey June 61′ and and Ted gets credit for that. Keith Thode guessed Kathie Stringer as the girl on the right. This was confirmed by Kathie herself and she also informed us that the girl in the middle was Janice Howard. All 3 are Jun 61 grads.

Re-20 and P-21 Females adjusting hat: The girl in the back of the picture is Gloria Clufetos. Thanks to Kathy Bernardi.

B-2–The tuba player in back is George Hoadley Jun65 identified by Dennis Finkbeiner submitted at the Summer Blast.

P-5 Guessed as Maureen Feder Class of 64 by Helaine Gordon also from 64.

P-35 guessed as Randall Reiss from June 65 by both John Oates and David Lindsay, also from 65. John gets credit since his was the first to correctly guess.

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