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Henry Ford High School Principal, Dr. Layne Hunt, has been busy building a new website for our old school. The new website for parents and students displays its “Mission Statement” on the home page, stating that in partnership with parents and community they will teach all children so “they can become economically independent contributing members to our global society”.

The website, still a work in progress, as many pages still need to be completed, seems to show the new positive attitude that DPS is trying to instill in its Detroit residents.

The website shows useful information about the school and its curriculum, its different departments and lists of teachers. It also has information for new students and parents. It seems to be progressing nicely as the webmaster is updating the site daily.

DPS has budgeted $20.6 million dollars for renovation of Henry Ford High School. Let’s hope that some of that money will go toward new tools and equipment that teachers can use to actually teach our children to become economically independent contributing members to our global society.
New computers rooms, lab equipment, wood and metal shop equipment, home economics rooms, auto shop, arts, music equipment. These are the basic needs of any high school to not only teach our children basic knowledge but also skills.

All in all, the new school website is OK. As of yet, it does not deliver what students and parents need for their journey through high school. A good high school website will offer email links to the office staff, teachers and counselors so students and parents alike can contact them along with a system for sending weekly grades and test scores to parents via email. It needs an area for Peer Leadership, Clubs and extra-curricular activities. A link to the webmaster so parents and students can make suggestions for additions to the site. These are just a few.

Maybe, a little bit of that $20.6mil can be used to offer a good useful school website.

Commentary  by:
Don Grillo
HF Class of 1972

See the new Ford High School website by clicking this link .

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