The headlines read.  Detroit school closures hit home. Massive cuts to Detroit schools to save millions.  As many of you know the Detroit school system is in debt millions of dollars.  To save money, many of the programs and extra curricular activities that you and I had at Ford High are gone.  Kids at our Alma Mater don’t have all the learning tools to give them a head start in todays world.  Their is something that you can do that will help your Alma Mater in a huge way.

Target stores will donate 1% of your sale to Henry Ford High when you use your Target red card at a Target store. They will also donate 1/2% of your purchase anytime you use your Target Visa card. Enrolling is easy and won’t take any more than 5 minutes online.  You can make a big difference by helping in a small way. Click this link and get involved .

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