The Class of 1972 Reunion Committee met on Saturday October 15th at the Senate Coney Island off of Haggerty and 6 Mile road. While scarfing down coney dogs and chili fries the decision was made to have their 40 year reunion in July of 2012. Fellow classmates, Mike Litt and Jim Cummins have offered to host the reunion at their banquet hall at Kean’s Marina on the Detroit River, of which the committee just couldn’t turn down. “This is a great opportunity for us to make the full circle and bring us back to our young roots,” said Mike Litt, co-owner of Kean’s Marina. “We are just ecstatic that Mike and Jim have offered their facility to us. This is going to make for a great reunion, right on the Detroit River with spectacular views and a beautiful banquet hall,” said Don Grillo, reunion committee chairman. The reunion is planned for the Friday night before the Annual Summer Blast Party that is held either the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of July. The date will be finalized in November.

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