Being part of high school band or orchestra is something that you will never forget.  It’s something that stays with you forever. For many, we are still playing those instruments, whether it be just messing around, in a garage band or full time band. For many, our children are playing those instruments as well. Can you imagine a world without music. 

From HFHS Music Director Richard L. Case;

"After a long absence, Henry Ford High School is restarting the music program!!  As one can expect, there are many items that are in need of repair or replacement due to so many years of neglect.  Being in urban Detroit, we need help in order to achieve our goals.  Help us restore this great program to its’ former glory.  All proceeds from this will go directly to the students by repairing/replacing instruments and providing for the essentials of band.  This includes but not limited to stick purchases for Drum Line, reeds for Concert Band, instrument repair, and instrument purchase.  Please see our supporter levels, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum."

Donations to the HFHS music department can be made at the following website. This has been confirmed by the webmaster of the HFHS Alumni website.

Save the Band! is proud to have been the first to donate to this worthy cause. Your donations and purchases of yearbooks has made this possible.



WHAT IT WAS…The 1960 Band, Orchestra  and Chior 

What it can be again



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