For those of us that attended HFHS in the "old" days, the new renovation and change of learning techniques and opportunities are something that we could only have dreamed of.  Teachers that have class sizes that are easily managed and can give each student undivided attention. Class programs that let the student go at his/her own pace. In our day, it was either keep up or get left behind, which happened to a lot of us.  

Ford High is now an EAA (Education Achievement Authority) school.  As stated on their website, "As an Education Achievement Authority (EAA) school, we share the vision of an innovative student-centered approach to education, which allows students to learn at their own level and pace, in a safe environment." 

“A safe environment,” now that’s good to hear. I remember the days in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s (remember, I’m an old timer) that just going into a lav was taking your life into your own hands. There was a good possibility that you would come out with a few bruises.  The lav was filled with so much cigarette smoke you could cut it with a knife. At least back then we only beat each other up, never even thought about carrying a weapon. Once in a while you heard about someone who got caught with a knife or pair of brass knuckles.  

The completed renovation of the school has also brought in new technologies so that students will have online learning at home or outside the school.  Now, that would have been nice to have way back when, when a lot of us had to go right from school, to our jobs.  For me, on a work program schedule, I was out of school by about 11:30. I’d walk to the corner of 7 Mile and Evergreen and catch the bus downtown to work the rest of the day at my father’s women’s clothing store on Woodward Ave. Who had time for homework? 

Looking at what the school has to offer as far as classes, their website lists all the things you’ll need to survive in life. Some math and personal finance, public speaking, Spanish (a must have today), some science and biology and of course, music. 

They offer sports as well. The Trojans are still on the football field and basketball court and they have tennis, track and field, baseball and cheerleading, is that a sport?  What I didn’t see is swimming. I wonder if the pool has taken a dive after all these years.

They offer some family resources and activities as well.  Also, they mention a Henry Ford Alumni Group.  Maggie Ramos from Ford High is the Academic Engagement Officer and has been in touch with the webmaster of this site and expressed a strong desire for more communication and association with former alumni. In that respect this website will offer any assistance that we can. We look forward to hearing from Ms. Ramos and her ideas on having alumni participate in some way or another.  Henry Ford High Alumni have excelled in all facets of life and can offer a wealth of knowhow.  Maybe you could be invited to speak at a pep rally.

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