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Mr. Melvin Janis

Mr. Melvin Janis 1980

Mr. Melvin Janis started teaching at Henry Ford High in September of 1964 with a career spanning 22 years before retiring in June of 1986.  Many of you will remember him as he taught many subjects during his time at Ford. Early in his career he taught English and then later taught History, Economics, Psychology and Sociology. After retiring from Henry Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Janis moved to California where he spent the next 13 years working for the Los Angles School System finally retiring in 2002.

Mr. Janis and his wife love traveling and have visited many of the places that he taught about. His message to you is that they are having a very good life.

He loves to hear from former students and you can contact him through his Profile here on the alumni website. Please leave a short note for him in his Profile Book. You will need to login to view his profile.

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