Reunion Update 2007

Class of 1967 — Formally announced their 40 Year Reunion for September 8th, 2007, to be held at the Laural Manor.  For full details, invitation and Online Questionnaire visit their "Class Website ".

A memory book was distributed at the time of our 10 and 20 year reunions. Now we are asking for your assistance to create a new book for the 40-year bash. Whether you are able to attend the reunion or not (and we hope you WILL!), your former classmates would love to know “whatever happened” to you!  And you probably want to know the same about them.

To get things going, please fill out the Online Memory Book Questionnaire.   For full details visit our "Class Website on the Henry Ford High alumni web site. 

Class of 1968 —  The committee has created a "Class Website " for their upcoming reunion in 2008. All classmates from that year should fill out the Contact Form. 

If you would like to volunteer to be on the 40th Reunion Committee, please email Marc Manson –  We are going to hold our first reunion planning meeting in April '07, so if you have any suggestions, please send them.  Most important:  if you are in contact with other '68 Graduates, please send them the link to this site so they can register – or send us their contact information and we will update our database. More to come………….

Class of 1977  — Committee members Roselyn Hester and Gregory Berry have created a "Class Website " for the upcoming 30 year reunion.  All classmates from 1977 please click Class Websites on the Reunion Menu then navigate to the Class of 1977 webpages.

Class of 1987 — The reunion committee is formed and has planned the first event for April 20th.  Reunion weekend is planned for August 24th, 25th and 26th. Visit the Class of '87 "Class Website " for all the latest information.

Class of 1997 — Class President, Anavia McClure has informed us that plans are being made for a 10 year reunion. That is all the information we have for now.  You may contact Anavia through "Reunion Contacts ".

All reunion information is located at

Mystery Photo Contest II 


Do you know this classmate?Mystery Photo Contest II is underway. You have a chance to win a Galaxy CD download if you can name the classmates in the photo's.  You can view the photo's in the Photo Gallery then make your guesses in the Forum. Please be sure to read the contest rules first. The contest runs through July 28th, 2007.



Lost Your Yearbook?

Not to worry!  We have the 1960 through 1980 Galaxy yearbooks on CD.  20 years worth on one cd that you can purchase for as little as $10.00 and at the same time help keep the HFHS alumni web site online. Here's how you can get yours.  Click here.


Attention Galaxy CD owners

This is a notice to all owners of the Galaxy CD prior to 12/31/06.  A new version of the HF View program has been released to fix a minor bug. Please download this latest version, unzip the file and then run the setup program. Copy over the top of your old HF View. If you have ordered a Galaxy CD after 1/1/2007 you will have the new version of HF View.

Click here to download your HF View Program.

Helping your Alma Mater

The headlines read.  Detroit school closures hit home. Massive cuts to Detroit schools to save millions.  As many of you know the Detroit school system is in debt millions of dollars.  To save money, many of the programs and extra curricular activities that you and I had at Ford High are gone.  Kids at our Alma Mater don't have all the learning tools to give them a head start in todays world.  Their is something that you can do that will help your Alma Mater in a huge way.

Target stores will donate 1% of your sale to Henry Ford High when you use your Target red card at a Target store. They will also donate 1/2% of your purchase anytime you use your Target Visa card. Enrolling is easy and won't take any more than 5 minutes online.  You can make a big difference by helping in a small way. Click this link and get involved .

Thats all for this newsletter. Don't forget to visit the Henry Ford High School alumni web site for all the latest.

Your Henry Ford High Alumni web team

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