Is your reunion just around the corner? 

Then it's time to get your reunion planning off the ground.   It's time to form your committee and start planning for that 2007 event. Contact other classmates today and get started. 

Build your Class Website and keep your classmates informed. Get Started.

  • Form your Reuinion Committee
  • Plan your first meeting
  • Use the resources on the HFHS Alumni web site
  • Locate your classmates by using web resources
  • Locate a facility to host your reunion 
  • Set the date early

The HFHS Alumni web site is here to help you.  We have lots of resources and experience in planning reunions. We can help you get your reunion plans off the ground. 

7 Helpful Tips 

If you are in charge of planning your high school reunion you will need to be armed with some important information in order to make the event a success without breaking the bank. Read the top 7 tips below for planning a successful reunion which will guarantee that your class reunion will be a success.

  1. When negotiating rates for anything, refer to the class reunion as a reception. If the vendor hears class reunion they automatically mark things up more.
  2. Find a point of leverage for every vendor. Maybe it is the time of year, week, day when they are less busy and more prone to giving a discount.
  3. Offer to promote the vendor's business in all communication with invitees in exchange for a small discount.
  4. Email a few vendors at once and request a bid. By letting them see that there are others bidding, they will give you their best rate. Then send them back an email saying they are not the lowest bidder. They may go even further to get your business, by lowering the price or adding value to their offer.
  5. Have a friend act as the DJ or photographer. This will save you a lot of money and there usually is not a huge difference in the quality of a layman or a professional.
  6. Put disposable cameras on all the tables and ask everyone to take pictures of each other.
  7. Check references before hiring any vendors and read the fine print of the contract.

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