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MAY 2006

Mystery Photo Contest to start May 10th, 8:00am EST

Maybe you have heard and maybe you haven't.  The henryfordhighschool.com website has received approximally 100 photos from the private collection of former faculty member, Mr. Edward Pugliesi.  Many of the photos are portraits of students who need to be identified so we can send the photo to that alum, hense the Mystery Photo Contest.  Winners of the contest will receive a Galaxy CD-ROM, courtesy of Mike Zapolski, class of 1963 and former webmaster of the HFHS website.

Read all the specifics and the Contest Rules in the Forum of the HFHS website.  The photos will be in the Photo Gallery starting May 10th at 0800 EST.  Good Luck!

Welcome to our newest alumni that have registered on the HFHS Alumni website.

  jagreen70 (Jack Green)
arrow image BobGreen (Robert Green)
arrow image bguyer (Bernard Guyer)
arrow image brichta (Mary Kennedy)
arrow image teacher (Phyllis Bush)
arrow image squeakcq1 (Sequoir Roberts)
arrow image usa1 (Robert Lawrence)
arrow image MarkMozee (Mark Mozee)
arrow image dallas (dallas gamache)
arrow image supastardunbar (lisa reed)
arrow image goldwolf624 (Alec Jacobs)
arrow image ELISSA (Elissa Greenwald)
arrow image CarylP (Caryl Polk)
arrow image shortiee06 (Elizabeth Hollings)
arrow image msufox (Jacinta Wiley)
arrow image Daneas1115 (LaVita Bowens)
arrow image fredgoldberg (Fred Goldberg)
arrow image lbanghart (Laura DiLaura)
arrow image MarkKurkowski (Mark Kurkowski)
arrow image Donya1 (Donya Jackson)
arrow image RalphT (Ralph Terrana)
arrow image DocMarty (Marty Lerman)
arrow image theclassof2006 (Willie Adams)

Also in the News

The Class of 1996 reunion committee has planned a 10 year reunion.  This multiple day event will take place on August 11,12 and 13th.  The final details are still being finalized and notices will be posted on the HFHS website soon. Your Reunion Contacts are Greg Williams and Cinnamon Banks.  They can be contacted through the website.


What's Going on at Ford Now?
Contributed By Willie Adams (Senior HFHS)

Hi, I'm Willie Adams, a current senior at Henry Ford and I thought you guys would like to here what's going on today at your former school.  I must say that the current students really like this site; we have even discussed this site in some of my classes before.  I love the history part. (I didn't know the school floated). We seniors have been busy applying for colleges, scholarships, internships, taking the ACTs/SATs filing FAFSA and more….

Read More

Bob Bailey, Alumni You Should Know
Robert Bailey
Class of 1966
Coauthored by Bob Bailey and Don Grillo

Bob Bailey

Bob is a renowned author of three novels which chronicle the adventures of Art Hardin, a private investigator working out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  His first action-packed thriller, PRIVATE HEAT, won the Josiah W. Bancroft Award at the Florida First Coast Writer's Festival in 1998 and was nominated for the 2003 Shamus Award, given by the Private Eye Writers of America. A second Art Hardin mystery, DYING EMBERS, was released in March 2003 and Bailey has just completed his third novel, DEAD-BANG, due to be released in 2006 by publisher M. Evans & Company, Inc.

Bob grew up on Archdale which is two blocks east of Southfield and just north of Trojan. Bob writes:

I remember Trojan when it was a gravel cross street and we still had an alley.  There were no fences in the yards until I was seven or eight.

Read more…

Pitcher Elementary to close?

DETROIT — School board members fielded a variety of complaints Friday from parents angered about the proposed closure of eight schools by fall.

Among their concerns: Leaving vacant buildings in neighborhoods, longer and unsafe walks to school and late notice about changes, given the school year ends June 15.

The moves, school officials said, will trim $1.57 million annually and better align the number of buildings with the number of students — now 129,000 and shrinking.

Read more…

An organized walk through is being organized through members of the Henry Ford High Delphi Forum. If you would like to be part of this tour please visit the HFHS Delphi Forum for more information.

That's all for now.  Remember to visit the HFHS Alumni web site this Wednesday, May 10th for the start of the Mystery Photo Contest.


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