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FALL 2006 

Ford Fight Song Still Lives On
Contributed by Vickie Smith, Duane Emrick and Kathy Krammer

Harry BunnellHarry BunnellHarry Bunnell, long time faculty member at Ford High passed away on August 8th, 2006.  Mr. Bunnell taught in the music department. He was the piano player for Choir, and the director of Girls (Junior and Senior) Ensemble.  Mr. Bunnell is also credited for writing the Ford Fight Song.

Fight Ford, Fight, Fight, Fight
Make your courage fine to see.
Go team down the field
We will march to victory,
Rah, Rah, Rah.
Raise high the Brown and Gold
Let your colors proudly fly
To show the world that we will do our best
Ever loyal to Ford High 

Listen to the Ford Fight Song (Class of 1960) click here ( Large Filesize 518K)

August 11, 2006

Age 94. August 8, 2006. Beloved husband of Marjorie. Dear father of Linda Paciero (Sam) and Allan (Donna). Loving grandfather of five, great grandfather of seven.

Duane Emrick class of 69 writes,  "Harry B. also established the Madrigal Singers at HFH.  Marie Cimarelli, Connie Clufetos, Roy Ayres, Bob Charett, David Viers were among the group when I was in it.

Harry began his "show biz" career backing the talkies on piano at the Universal Theatre in downtown Detroit. He also played the Giant Wurlitzer Organ which was later installed at a Pizza Emporium in Troy or Rochester.

He could whip off just about any show tune imaginable and the Girl Choruses at HFH probably sang just about all the ones he could play.

He left a huge Musical mark on everyone who had the privilege to know him."

Kathy Krammer, class of 67 writes, "I remember my audition with Mr. Bunnel for girls ensemble.  I was so nervous and he was so kind.  I still remember how wonderfully he encouraged us to perform all of the great show tunes and many of those same harmonies are still in place whenever I hear, and sing along, with those same songs.  Because of him, I kept up with vocal coaches until the early 90's. Me ke aloha pumehana, Mr. Bunnel."

Summer News

Summer Blast Party
Contributed by the HFHS web team

Teachers Edward Pugliesi and Phyliss BushThe annual Summer Blast hosted by HF Class of 71, Kit McGuigan and his wife Denise Rozell McGuigan also from the Class of 71 was held on July 29th in Hines Park.  It was a beautiful hot day with about 250 Fordites attending.  Good food and spirits was in attendance all day and into the early evening and a good time was had by all.  Those attending the blast are mostly from the classes of the late 60's and early 70's.  Also attending were a few of our former teachers, Mr. Edward Pugliesi and Ms. Phyliss Bush (pictured).  The two visited with  many former students who were happy to see their former teachers still in the party mood.  We are happy to report that both are still in very good health and Mr. Pugliesi is still flying his Cessna 150.  Later in the afternoon Mr. P. was spotted in his Cessna buzzing the Summer Blast site from only a few hundred feet.


Car Wash Helps Pay For Uniforms
Contributed by Don Grillo

Cheerleaders wash cars for extra fundsThe Henry Ford High Cheerleaders held a car wash fund raiser on Friday, July 28th to help pay for the many expenses that come with keeping a cheerleader squad on the field.  As the girls were washing my car I unfurled the Alumni banner and loud screams came from all directions.  We all had our picture taken and as you can see by the smiles on the faces, everyone was happy.  While there I visited our old school to get a few photos of the newly remodeled auditorium.  I met Assistant Principal, Dr. Brenda Lyons who was very gracious to open the auditorium for me so I could get a few shots. You can view the pictures in the Photo Gallery on the Henry Ford High Alumni web site.



YAC – Just what is a YAC anyway?

Contributed by John Oates (Class of 1965)

YAC PatchJust what was the YAC?  If I had to say, I would liken it to “It takes a village to raise a child.”  YAC stood for ‘Youth Activity Council”.  I’m not sure when exactly it started.  I would say around 1956.  I’m not an authority on it’s history and offer this as a simple explanation to those that have heard of it and wonder what it was.

Some of the names that I remember associated with it are Art Garver, Tom and Marge Pounds, Chuck and Eleanor Schumaker, John and Florence Telling, Gus and Irene Firu, and Bernie and Kathleen Kores.  I’m sure there are others and omit them only because of my ignorance not their importance.  These were people that thought it was important to be involved in kids lives.  I’m so thankful they did.  I thought everyone lived in this kind of neighborhood when I was growing up there.

I believe it originally started as a youth baseball or softball league.  I remember playing softball with the YAC.  Each team got tee-shirts of a different color but all with the YAC logo on the front.  I’m not sure of the boundaries for joining one of these teams.  I have heard that it had to do with attending certain schools in the area.  I know there was also a separate baseball league, “Bow Dad’s Club” at the time.  I think the YAC covered roughly 7 Mile to 8 Mile and Southfield to Asbury Park.

On the 4th of July these same people organized a parade that came west on Cambridge, North on Harlow, then onto Oakfield North of Pembroke, ending at Fargo Park.  At Fargo Park there were games of limited skill that gave lots of little prizes to all the kids.  I don’t know where the money came from for all of this but it was a blast and great summer fun.  They had these parades for quite a few years.

Around 1959 or 1960 they started to have ‘Street Dances’.  The ones I remember were at Fargo Park.  These were no easy task.  The city required permits to close the streets.  Neighbors had to sign a petition to agree to have the street closed and put up with the kids and the noise.  Try that today.  Shortly after these, there were weekly or bi-weekly dances at the John Monteith Hall.  The hall was at a church on the street next to the Arnold Home on Seven Mile.  These dances were open to any teenager regardless of where they lived.  But they were sponsored by the YAC.  Gus Firu was in charge of these dances.  I don’t know how but somehow he knew Barry Gordy and there were sometimes Motown acts at these dances.  I remember Stevie Wonder, Martha and the Vandellas, and other Motown acts at some of the dances.

As great as this organization was for us kids, I believe it was also very social for the adults that organized it.  These same people started an adult YAC bowling league and friendships were strengthened.  As time went on and kids grew up and moved on, these same people decided to have a YAC picnic once a year as a reason for families to get together and remember the “The good old days!”. This was about 25 years ago and continues today.

Many of those that started the YAC are no longer with us.  Some of their children have taken over now. Others have just stepped up to the plate.  None of this happened or happens without volunteer service.  Like many things in life the good things happen because of good people.  While you are enjoying yourself someone is working and has been working in the background.  We were and are blessed to have that kind of people in our world and we need to acknowledge them and Thank them.  Or perhaps even become one of them.


It's Time to Start Planning

Is your reunion coming up?  Are you from one of the 7's? 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997 or maybe you are  hoping for a 15 (1992), 25 (1982), 35 (1972) or 45 (1962) year reunion .  Then it's time to get your reunion planning off the ground.   It's time to form your committee and start planning for that 2007 event.  Contact other classmates today and get started. 

  • Build your Class Website and keep your classmates informed of reunion plans. Get Started.
  • Form your Reuinion Committee
  • Plan your first meeting
  • Use the resources on the HFHS Alumni web site
  • Locate your classmates by using web resources
  • Locate a facility to host your reunion 
  • Set the date early

The HFHS Alumni web site is here to help you.  We have lots of resources and experience in planning reunions. We can help you get your reunion plans off the ground. 

Class of 1986 20 Year Reunion
Contributed by Deidrah Thomas

The Class of 1986 held it's 20 year reunion the weekend of August 18th, 19th and 20th. The Reunion Committee had worked hard for many months planning this gala event and by all accounts it was a huge success. Malcolm Nelson III writes, "I would like to commend the reunion committee for a job well done. The weekend was absolutely superb! I know it was a bit hectic organizing this event (an understatement). Despite of it all, you guys made it happen. Again, Kudos for all that you've done."



Sunday Picnic in the Park

Reunion events included a Meet and Greet at Bert's Marketplace in the Eastern Market on Friday night. Saturday night was celebrated with the 20 year reunion held at the Westin Hotel Southfield which included a full dinner and bar, entertainment, dancing, and souvenirs. Sunday's family event included a cookout at Beechwoods Park. 

Committee Member, Mark Grier writes, "This weekend was truly a blessing to have the class of  86 together again. It just brings back some of the good times that Henry Ford has provided. It has also brought back some of the struggles that Henry Ford has provided as well. Without struggle there is no progress and without adversity there is no accomplishments. Life is what we make of it with our decisions. Our class is truly one of a dying breed. It was awesome to see so many good looking and beautiful people from Henry Ford."

Photo's are posted in the Photo Gallery under Reunion Pictures. Please add your comments to the photos and feel free to add your own photos as well by clicking on the Upload Files menu option. 

Professional pictures were also taken during the Saturday night reunion and can be puchased here.

The Class of 1976 30 Year Reunion

The Class of 1976 held its 30 year reunion on September 2nd at the Southfield Westin Hotel and by the looks of the photos posted in the Henry Ford High Alumni Photo Gallery it looks like everyone had a great time. If you attended and have photos, please upload them into the gallery.

The Class of 1966 40 Year Reunion is a smash hit


Reports from the committee say that everyone that attended the 40 year reunion had a wonderful time. Approximately 240 people attended this event that was held on September 2nd at the Hilton, Detroit/Troy Hotel. We are still waiting for photos to be uploaded to the photo gallery so, if you have some please share your photos

Preparing for a Class of 1967 40 Year Reunion

Classmates from the  Class of 1967 are in the early planning stages for a 40 year reunion in 2007. Committee members are looking for help in locating classmates and getting things rolling for this gala event. Reunion Contacts can be reached by visiting the HFHS Alumni web site. More about this event will be forthcoming in the future.

Class Reunion Web Sites Now Available
Contributed by the HFHS Webmaster

Class reunion web sites?  What are they and what can they do for you?  Reunion Committees can now create their own web pages on the HFHS Alumni web site.  This allows you to post important information about your reunion or upcoming events and allows for a secure form to collect addresses of your classmates.  It's an easy way for you to stay in touch with your fellow classmates.  Visit the HFHS Alumni web site and click on Class Web Sites on the Main Menu.  Contact the webmaster to have your Class Reunion Web Site set up for you. registers 1000th alum

We are growing by leaps and bounds with new alum registering every day. If you haven't been online for awhile you might want to check the Newest Members and see if any of your old school chums are online.

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