Hi, I'm Willie Adams, a current senior at Henry Ford and I thought you guys would like to here what’s going on today at your former school. I must say that the current students really like this site; we have even discussed this site in some of my classes before. I love the history part. (I didn't know the school floated). We seniors have been busy applying for colleges, scholarships, internships, taking the ACTs/SATs, filing FAFSA and more.

Well as some of you may have seen in media, the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) decided some schools had to go, luckly Ford was not on that list and we're still open for business lol.

Well,the first bit of news for you all is that the senior prom has been scheduled. Our prom will be on June 9th, at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn. It was scheduled for any earlier date, but Ford got knocked back because a company wanted the hotel (the nerve of them!!). We also have had our cap and gown photo and measurement sessions. Plus, our counselor had the seniors fill out the diploma forms to tell how we wanted our names to be printed on our diplomas.

Our graduation date and location has been scheduled. Our graduation for this year will be on June 14th, at COBO Arena at 10:00am. And guess what alumni, with our graduation-taking place inside COBO Arena (where there are tons of seats) seating is open and we don't have to have tickets. Which means if any of you want to come and see us walk across the stage or see old teachers, you’re welcomed and asked to come. Heck if you call the school they may ask you to speak. Our current/new principal loves when alumni stop by and pay us a visit. Just call the school to make sure it will not be a problem (which it will not be most likely), 313-494-7567. Also, a group of you guys may be able to get together and arrange to speak to the seniors about life and where you guys are now at in it since leaving Ford. The senior counselor is Ms. Joyce Harris.The last day of school for the others is June 15.

The ninth graders are running wild lol! I got put into a class with fresh ninth graders and I thought of not having children in the future lol. I never acted like that when I was in the ninth grade. But as the school year is coming to a close they have started transitioning from middle school to high.

When it comes to the condition and improvements at Ford, we're doing pretty good. Compared to the conditions in some other Detroit schools, Henry Ford has done a good job as far as the up keep of the school. I don’t know if the hallways were painted brown and yellow when you all went here but it is now. Last year many classrooms along with the library got new computers and the science rooms got new labs and fancy seats (Like the ones in colleges). Plus some rooms got new sliding dry-erase marker boards.

Also, due to a bond that Ford/DPS got, we are getting a newly remodeled, state of the art auditorium with new seats, stage and flooring. It is currently being constructed now. If any of you have seen the school recently, you'll notice the huge dumpster on Trojan Ave. Unfortunately, the class of 2006 will not get to enjoy it due to the fact we will be gone once it is finished.

In closing, Ford is still it's same Brown and Gold Trojan self. The students and teachers are pretty much just counting the days down before graduation and school closes. No, Ford may not be no Cass or Country Day, but it's ours and as long as we love(d) it that's all that matters. Great site!

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