President   Jeff Frank Lowell Perry
Vice-President Greg Mitchner Victor Bowman
Secretary Lisa Fuller  Michelle Day
Treasurer Diane Sawyer Scott Sheppard
Class Colors Burgundy & Pink ??
Class Flower None ??

"Let us embrace the past

 with remembrance and

the future with understanding."

Today is the first day

 of the rest of our lives.










February Classmates(119)

July Classmates(542)


Please note:  The names on these lists are those shown in the yearbook senior photo sections.  Exceptions are listed with the June class and are identified as follows:

Aug = August/Summer graduates

 NS = Night School graduates

 X = Left before graduation

 § =  deceased classmate

# =  have photos

 If you know of any omissions, typos, errors, or updates, please notify me via email – Thank you.


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