President   Dave Greene Bob Patterson §
Vice-President Pat Swantick Bill Frez
Secretary Denise Candea  Jacqueline Valentine §
Treasurer Rich Chapin Pamela Johnson
Class Colors Pale & Medium Purple Light & Dark Blue
Class Flower ?? Blue-Tipped White Carnations



We do not free ourselves

from something by avoiding it, but only by bearing through it. — H.D. Thoreau









January Classmates(165)

June Classmates(569)


Please note:  The names on these lists are those shown in the yearbook senior photo sections.  Exceptions are listed with the June class and are identified as follows:

Aug = August/Summer graduates

 NS = Night School graduates

 X = Left before graduation

 § =  deceased classmate

# =  have photos

 If you know of any omissions, typos, errors, or updates, please notify me via email – Thank you.


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