Ford Trivia  

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  1. In what year did the first class graduate from Ford? Answer 

  2. Who was Ford’s first Principal? Answer  

  3. Who were the first male and female graduates from Ford?  Answer 

  4. Which class was the first class to graduate from the new auditorium?  Answer 

  5. After what date did Ford initially stop accepting 9th grade students?  Answer

  6. In which year did Ford’s football team have a shutout season –  was it the Varsity or JV squad? Answer Picture

  7. From where did the name Trojan come? Answer

  8. What was the name given to Ford’s "athletic center" before the new gym was opened? Answer

  9. In which year did Ford first transition to a senior high school? Answer

  10. What was the name of the first concert held in Ford’s new auditorium? Answer

  11. What was the name of Ford’s monthly newspaper? Answer

  12. The first basketball game that Ford played in the new gym was against which school?  Did we win? Answer

  13. What type of hat was traditionally worn to a Cooley game? Answer

  14. In which year did the girl’s swimming team first begin? Answer

  15. Ford was able to begin its own Driver’s Education course in what year? Answer

  16. Who were the first Driver’s Education instructors? Answer

  17. In what year was the Ford Language Lab built? Answer

  18. Why were girl’s inter-city sports programs omitted in 1964? Answer

  19. Who organized Ford’s Chess club and in which year? Answer

  20. Which Ford alumni formed the band that became the R&B group Rare Earth? Answer  

  21. What was the name of the band that became Rare Earth? Answer  

  22. What other Ford alumni joined Rare Earth in the early 70s?  Answer  

  23. What was another name for a "Circle Pin" ?  Answer

  24. What interesting thing happened following Ford’s dedication ceremony? Answer

  25. What Fordite won an Emmy? Answer

  26. Which class was the first 4-year class to graduate from Ford ? Answer 

  27. What Fordite became a Michigan State basketball star & was on the 1979 NCAA Championship Team? Answer

  28. Who was the only female member of an all-male Ford sports team? Answer

  29. Why are some June graduate’s pictures missing from the 1970 yearbook? Answer 

  30. Who was the first male student to take a Home Economics (cooking) class? Answer

  31. Which Ford graduate performed a skydiving act during the 1970 O’Hare Park opening day ceremony? Answer

  32. Which 5 Fordites started the JROTC program? Answer

  33. Who was the first male student to become a cheerleader? Answer

  34. In which year did Ford NOT have a June graduating class? Why? Answer

  35. Which Fordite qualified for an Olympic team? What year, and which team? Answer

  36. What was the name given to Ford’s first riding lawn tractor? Answer

  37. Which Fordite went on to a successful recording career after graduation? Answer

  38. How successful has Ford’s Football program been? Answer

  39. During which season did the boy’s swim team become City Champions? Answer

  40. What member of Ford’s 1965 graduating class later played trumpet for Edgar Winter’s R&B group White Trash? Answer

  41. Which Ford graduate won the Ms. Olympia title for a record-breaking 8th time? Answer

  42. One Ford graduate was a witness during the O.J. Simpson Trial.  Do you know who it was? Answer

Do you have a Ford trivia question (and know the answer)?  If so, please email it to me.

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