In the Detroit Public School (DPS) system, a Constellation is a collection of schools in which students progress to a single High School – In our case Henry Ford .  The table below lists information related to the historic schools in the Henry Ford Constellation (ref: 1999 -2000 Detroit Pubic School Index):

School (1) Address Grades
Bow Elementary 19801 Prevost PK-6
Coffey Middle 17210 Cambridge 6-8
Detroit Open (2) 24061 Frisbee K-8
Dow Elementary 19900 McIntyre PK-6
Emerson (3) 18240 Huntington PK-8
Fox 17300 Fargo PK-2
Larned Elementary 23700 Clarita K-5
Ludington Middle (4) 19355 Edinborough 5-8
McKenny 20833 Pembroke PK-6
Pitcher Elementary 19779 Stahelin PK-5
Rutherford Academy (7) 16411 Curtis


Taft Middle 19501 Berg 6-8
Vernor Elementary (5) 13726 Pembroke PK-6
Winship Middle (6) 14717 Curtis K-8

(1) DPS website links which list basic school information.

(2) The original name of this school was Burgess Elementary until September 1985 (dedication ceremony was held on May 9, 1986). 

(3) For a time in 1962 Emerson students could choose to enter Ford or Redford. Later, students living south of Curtis went to Redford , and those living north went to Ford. By 1964, all Emerson students went to Redford.   

(4) The original name of this school was Mettetal until 1972.  In the 60s, the last 8th grade class to enter Ford from Mettetal was the class of January 1959.

(5) Vernor is presently in the Mumford Constellation but sent students to Ford prior to July 1966.

(6) Winship is presently in the Cooley Constellation but sent students to Ford through the mid 196os.

(7) The original name of this school was Newton Elementary.

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Alex Dow School

Alex Dow School Circa Late 1950’s
Larned School

Larned School Under Construction

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