School Colors, Anthem and Song 

FORD: Friendliness, Organization, Realism, Determination

School Colors:
Image After Ford opened, a preliminary vote was held to select the school's colors.  Nearly every student in the school wanted black as one of the two colors – a popular color at the time especially with the "greasers".  In those days there were 3 major social groups: "greasers (AKA hoods)" & "frats" (extreme opposites) and in between them were the "casuals".  Now frats weren't as fond of black as were the greasers (and most of the casuals).  This difference of opinion was perceived as a possible source of "problems" among the students.  Consequently,  the school administration proclaimed black would not be considered a school color choice.  This decision upset most of the students who were left with few remaining choices.  Ultimately, brown and gold were selected; but few were thrilled with the choice.

ImageTrojans (The Alternate Story):  Following on the heals of the school color "vote", the student's chaffed feelings were soothed somewhat when they voted on becoming the Trojans.  Although "up-front" the name was attributed to the nearest cross-street,Image secretly the majority vote was based on the name of the only condom of the day.  If they couldn't have the colors they wanted then they selected a name based on something else important to them – and that seemed to satisfy everyone.

Ford Anthem

Ford High, we sing thy praises

With voices raised on high.

The Brown and Gold unfurling
beneath a cloudless sky.

The Brown to stand for courage,
The Gold to prove thy worth.

We'll evermore be faithful and sing with one accord

Our hymn of acclamation.

In loyalty to Ford.

Here a Cheer by Ford Cheerleaders


Ford Fight SongImage

Fight Ford, Fight, Fight, Fight

Make your courage fine to see.

Go team down the field

We will march to victory,

Rah, Rah, Rah.

Raise high the Brown and Gold

Let your colors proudly fly

To show the world that we will do our best

Ever loyal to Ford High



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