Out of necessity, the following "Website Information Policy" has been implemented:

All information sent for use on the Ford website must be accompanied by a valid return email address, city, state & a name – one that I can reply to with follow-up questions. I will not be able to use any information that does not meet these conditions.

I always check the yearbook senior photo section. If I can't find your name, the person you have information about, or something within the email is not clear I will send a follow-up email asking for clarification. I will not use your information without a reply to my email.

If you do not see your information on the website at the end of 7 days it is due to the fact that I needed additional information, but:

I was not able to contact you via email,
Invalid, or absent, email address,
Your mail box was full,You have not replied, or did not answer all of the questions.

Normally, minor updates are added to the website on weekends.  If everything checks-out I will include your information. Sometimes incomplete, or unclear, information is sent to me, which requires me to ask clarifying questions. When sending information, it would be very helpful if you check your email daily for these follow-up emails (typically sent within 2-3 days).

Please note: if I am unable to obtain a response to my email within 7 days, the information will not be used, and any associated emails will be deleted. If there is some extenuating reason for not replying within 7 days, then resubmit the information (following the above noted policy).

Don Grillo (HFHS Webmaster)

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