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By using a www.henryfordhighschool.com Class Website, a reunion committee can keep their classmates up to date on reunion planning information. The committee can use their web site for listing lost classmates, planning, announcements, reservations and Contact Forms with a simple online editor.

How it Works:


Admin Control Panel
Admin Control Panel
The Admin Control Panel allows you to publish to your class web pages in simple steps: create a new page or go the page that needs updating, edit it, click 'save,' and it's done. The intuitive WYSIWYG environment offers point and click simplicity — no more complicated forms for simple updates.








  1. Select someone on your reunion committee to be in charge of your web pages. This person should have some knowledge of word processing and photo editing.

  2. Fill out the request form by clicking on the link below.

  3. A $25.00 donation is required to help support the Henry Ford High web site. This donation may be made by filling out the Member Support box using PayPal or Credit Card (on the left side of the page) or a check may be sent to the webmaster.
  • The webmaster will create your site and build you a Contact Form for collecting address info. At this time you can have a total of ten pages for your web site.

    Please fill out the WebSite Request Form.
  • Class Website Request Form

    For Reunion Contacts Only.

    Please fill out the form completely and your website will be created within 72 hours of your confirmed donation. Once your site is built you will have full editing authority to create your web pages. The webmaster will also create a Contact Form for you. At this time you can create a total of 10 pages.

    By filling out this form you agree that:

      1. You will not share classmate address information with anyone except those on your reunion committee.
      2. You will do your best to keep your pages updated with content.
      3. Seek help from the webmaster if you need assistance creating your web pages. 4. Make a $25.00 donation to the henryfordhighschool.com web site.


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    Personal School Information

    Committee List

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