Site Settings : Site Settings

Site Settings

The Control Panel is visible to Committee Member Admins only.

Each site can have a title, custom header, footer and a short description which will be displayed in the sites directory.

Click the Site Setting icon to change these settings.

Site Title: This will be shown in the Directory and at the top of each page in the blue highlighted area.

Site Description: A short description shown on the Directory Page.

Page Header: Shown on the top of each created web page.

Page Footer: Shown at the bottom of each created web page.

To change these settings, click on the site settings button in the control panel.

Creating Pages

The control panel will also show a Create page button with a drop down list of page types below.

Creating pages is very intuitive, just choose the page type and complete the appropriate fields.

Save the page when your editing is complete, the page will be visible via the directory.

Up to 10 pages can be created for your site.


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